Best Material for Custom Laser Cut Metal Signs

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Metal signs are durable and useful for indoor and outdoor settings. They portray strength and resilience, which can be the perfect way to present yourself to potential customers. And with smooth custom laser-cut metal signs, you get perfect edges, giving your establishment a clean and posh appearance.

But what are the best materials for custom-cut metal signs?

At Happy Signs, our business is signage, and we deal with it every day. We know the best materials for custom-cut metal signs to give you a premier product at a price you can afford.

Contact us to talk to a signage specialist about getting custom metal signs for your business.

The Best Metal to Use for Signs

At Happy Signs, we use several different types of metal, depending on the purpose of your metal sign. Some of the metals we use for our custom laser-cut signs include:


Aluminum is a fantastic metal and is commonly used for street signs. The reason companies love it so much is because it is lightweight, durable, and versatile. We create indoor and outdoor signs from aluminum that are resistant to rust and corrosion, and that has a sleek, professional look that business owners love.

Flexible sheet metal welded together and fronted with acrylic can create amazing channel letter signs. These are fantastic dimensional metal storefront signs that we hook up to an electrical system to give you illuminated signage! This means no matter what time of day, or what the weather conditions are, your sign will shine and get attention from miles away.


Brass is a beautiful material for indoor office signs. Brass metal signs can complement wooden doors perfectly and have a sophisticated and prestigious look that creates an atmosphere that exudes class. If you run a high-class operation such as a hotel, country club, or office space, engraved brass signs will compliment your atmosphere perfectly. Brass is also recyclable and can align with the eco-friendly practices of your business.


There is a reason people say the greatest fighters of all time are made of iron: when people think of iron, they think of strength. With iron metal signs inside your business, you make a statement about your resilience. Iron is a fantastic material if you want engraved signs with a traditional look, and you can use them inside and outside. Business owners routinely use iron for outdoor hanging signs because it has a nice old-timey look.

Reliable Metal Signs You Can Count On!

With all our metal signs, the main thing we focus on is quality. Our goal is to deliver you a high-quality product that you can be proud of displaying in your business or outside on the street. We have helped many people in Kansas City, MO: Now let us help you.

Contact us at (816)-746-6655 to book a consultation with a signage expert where we can go over all the details involved in your metal sign project.

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