Terms & Conditions

Pricing and Payment:

All orders require a 50% deposit before starting work unless credit terms have been established. The remaining balance is due upon completion or a 5% late fee will be charged and compounded monthly. 

All products are the property of Happy Signs until balance is paid. Client agrees to pay all attorney fees and expenses incurred by Happy Signs required to collect remaining balance. 

Unless otherwise stated, estimates do not include accessories (e.g. stands), customizations (e.g. drilled holes or rounded corners), shipping, or installation. 

All pricing is estimated and subject to change based on final scope.

Design & Printing:

Client may send 3 requests listing their design changes. Further changes will be charged at the shop billable rate.

Clients can include as many changes as they want in the same request, so we recommend putting all your changes together and sending them all at once.

Client must carefully review proofs and approve them in writing. Proof approval includes sizes, fonts, spelling, colors, images, and orientations. If an error is approved, Client is responsible for remediation cost.

Happy Signs does not guarantee exact color matches, even if a pantone number or color code is provided. The shade of color on a computer, phone, or on paper may be different from the shade of color on the sign itself. Colors such as greys and blues are especially prone to this problem. The only way to ensure the color matches expectations is for the client to select a color from our physical in-store color samples. If you need a custom color, just let us know so we can prepare the sample beforehand, and tell us what kind of sign it’s going to be so we can match the material.

The print resolution depends on the size of the print, the viewing distance and the art file provided by the client.

We strive to minimize discrepancies and maintain accurate prints. However, results may vary slightly. There is a 1/4″ margin of error for alignment and positioning. This means that the printed output may have slight variations in the placement of elements compared to the original design. There is a margin of error for print size due to finishing processes such as trimming and cutting and tolerances. The margin is 2″ for banners and 1/4″ for corrugated plastic and maxmetal.

Signs applied to curved surfaces, across door gaps, or contours, like vehicle graphics or curved architectural signs, will differ from their two-dimensional proofs due to the three-dimensional nature.

All vector artwork depicted in proofs is the exclusive property of Happy Signs. Happy Signs will not release the vector files unless all Art Release Fees or Design Fees are paid in full. This provision is fully enforceable under Section 106 of Title 17 of U.S. Intellectual Property Code.


Client is responsible for obtaining authorization of sign, install, and placement from landlord, property management, or other third parties. Client indemnifies Happy Signs against any claims stating that the sign, install, or placement is not approved. Client agrees to pay charges for any remedies made by Happy Signs.

Happy Signs does not warranty against signs damaged by vandalism or severe inclement weather. This includes wind gusts over 40 mph and storms. Client is responsible for contacting Happy Signs to remove any signs prior to any incoming severe inclement weather.

Installation pricing assumes all customer-supplied equipment is available and fully functional.

For electrical signs, Happy Signs will not make the final electrical connection. It is the client’s responsibility to provide a dedicated circuit prior to installation by a certified electrician.

If client chooses to perform an installation on their own, client takes full responsibility for any issues that may arise as a result. Client agrees to pay charges for any remedies made by Happy Signs.

 For warranty protection, please ensure the surface temperature of your vehicle, door or window is above 60 degrees during installation. As surface temperatures are lower than air temperature, performing indoor installations in the winter is the best way to avoid voiding the warranty. 

For Vehicles, Indoor, Outdoor, Storefront, Wall, Door and Window graphics installations, Client agrees to the following:

  1. Please avoid running your vehicle through automatic car washes.
  2. Please park in the shade when possible and avoid exposing vehicle to sunlight for long periods of time.
  3. Remove vehicle magnets before washing
  4. Briefly remove and re-attach vehicle magnets every 2-3 months to avoid adhesion.
  5. When storing magnets, lie them flat and avoid storing in direct sunlight.
  6. Please clean the surface thoroughly prior to installation.  If the installer determines that the surfaces are not sufficiently clean, Happy Signs will charge a cleaning fee at the shop billable hourly rate. Please do not wash the surface right before installation (do it 24-36 hours before).
  7. Please do not wash the surface until 7 days after installation is complete.
  8. If you powerwash the surface, please stay 1+ feet away and use the lowest pressure setting.
  9. Please clean the surface gently and avoid scrubbing towards the vinyl.

We would also like to inform you that the installation costs provided in our estimates are estimated figures and may be subject to change.

These estimates are based on our expertise and experience, taking into account various factors involved in the installation process.

Please note that unforeseen circumstances or additional requirements may arise during the actual installation, which could potentially affect the final costs. We strive to provide accurate estimates, but we want to ensure transparency and manage your expectations accordingly.

We are committed to discussing any significant cost changes with you and seeking your approval before proceeding with the installation. Our goal is to provide quality service while keeping you informed throughout the process.


Unless specified, products and services do not come with a warranty.

Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded after approval. 

Turnaround Times are estimated and not guaranteed. Turnaround Times are based on the number of business days after estimate is approved, final design is approved, and deposit is received.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, client grants permission for Happy Signs to utilize photographs of completed signs and vehicle graphics for advertising and promotional purposes.

If there is a conflict between another document and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

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