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Yard signs are one of the most affordable ways of advertising widely in Kansas City, MO, FL. We work with real estate agents, accountants, event organizers, marketing companies, campaigns, and others for custom signs. Install these birthday signs on front lawns, yards, next to sidewalks to get noticed in your community and generate leads like nothing else! Inexpensive signs that are easy to deploy across a large area. Custom lawn signs are one of the most cost-effective ways of building brand awareness. Whether you are promoting a property for sale, a public event, or an election campaign, these will help you leverage word-of-mouth advertising.


Traditional yard signs (also called H-frame signs) are usually made of a coroplast (corrugated plastic) sign face mounted atop two small supports. Signs can be inserted easily into lawns and soft earth without any special tools. Some of the biggest advantages of these types of signs are that they are extremely inexpensive (easy to buy in bulk), lightweight, and portable (easy to transport). Though H-frames are the most common types of yard signs, other options for the front lawn and the yard include swing post (colonial post) signs, A-frame signs, and vinyl signs and banners. Some uses of yard signs are:


Don’t compromise with standard text signs from the box store. Yard signs are most effective when they are customized. We work with business owners to put their face, business name, contact information, and branding on the yard sign. in Kansas City, MO We fabricate temporary H-frame signs made of coroplast, as well as semi-permanent and portable commercial signs made of metal, wood, acrylic, and vinyl. Maximize your visibility and spread awareness with custom H-frame signs. Just send us your design or pictures you want to use. Our team can create designs and print signs fast. We offer some of the best prices on yard and lawn signage in Kansas City, MO! 


Give your marketing and branding that extra boostwith customized yard signs. Enjoy a seamless signage ordering process with a professional team.

Our team at Happy Signs helps customers make their celebrations even more special. Talk to us about your graduation yard signs, prom day signs, birthday yard signs in Kansas City, MO, and other sign ideas.


Standard templates look boring and overdone. That’s why we sit with every customer to understand their requirements to create customized signs.

Our customers use their signs to:

We use high-quality materials and modern printing methods for our signs to ensure they look premium and last longer. Order signs from Happy Signs to maximize your ROI from your marketing budget.


Do you want to make sure you get your message across? Here are a few tips to help you design eye-catching signs:


We understand that you are looking for a sign company that can print and build signs with minimum fuss. Happy Signs makes your sign shopping experience as turnkey as possible: our team designs, prints, and installs signage. We accept large and urgent orders. Speak to a representative about your requirements today. 

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Yard signs go by several names, including H-frame signs, real estate signs, and lawn signs. Whatever you call them, yard signs offer exceptional value. You can install hundreds across the community without breaking the bank. It’s why everyone from businesses to campaigners invest in yard signs.

If you’re looking for the most impactful, customized local advertising, there’s little that can beat yard signs. That’s why you’ll see real estate signs everywhere because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and garner a lot of attention.  The signs you see during election season are yard signs. For maximum effectiveness, keep your design clean and make sure the text is concise. Don’t forget to add a compelling call-to-action and contact info!

Yard signs come in a variety of materials, including coroplast, wood, and plastic. Which material is “best” for you depends on how you plan on using your signs. Coroplast is the most common and popular option if you only expect your sign to be up for a short period of time.  Wood is a long-lasting material that you can leave for a year or so. Connect with us to find the material that offers maximum value to you.

Yard signs are typically cost-effective but can vary in price based on factors like the number of signs, materials, and design. Be sure to contact Happy Signs for a free quote.

Yard signs are water-resistant, meaning they can be left out in the rain without the worry of damage. However, prolonged exposure to water and the Florida sun will cause premature wear and tear to the coroplast. Wooden signs are far more durable and can be left out in the open for about a year before they start to deteriorate.

Lawn signs–the kind you see with real estate listings, campaign slogans, and your utility company’s logo—have two parts: the sign face and the legs. The sign face is made of coroplast (short for corrugated plastic), which offers the perfect canvas for printing or applying vinyl. The supporting legs can be made of low tensile steel or plastic and are called “step stakes” due to the step in the wire frame.

You can expect most yard signs to last 4-6 weeks. If you need a more durable sign, you can customize your sign with different materials. Long spells of rain and temperature extremes can wear out signs prematurely; prolonged exposure to sunshine will cause fading.

Yard signs are one of the most impactful forms of local marketing. They are used for:

  • Advertising
  • Brand awareness
  • Showcasing real estate listings
  • Election campaigning
  • Promoting goods and services
  • And much more

To make the most of your signs, work with expert designers and a sign company. Talk to us to find out how we help businesses and marketing companies maximize their marketing potential.

The rule of thumb for yard sign design: keep it simple! The sign faces are small, and people won’t spare more than a few seconds to look at them. You need to keep your message, graphics, and call-to-action simple. Try out this formula for your design: one message, one image, and one phone number.

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